Hilversum is a municipality and a city in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Located in the region called "Het Gooi", it is the largest town in that area. It is surrounded by heathland, woods, meadows, lakes, and smaller towns. It has a lot of notable residents such as the Prime Minister Joop den Uyl, the bassist Dick Daimonde, the lawyer Bartha Knoppers, the actor, wrestler and opera singer Erland Van Lidth de Jeude, the war journalist Hubert van Es and a many more. In today's article we will talk about top 5 restaurants in Hilversum.

1. Royal Mandarin is the best restaurant in our lovely city. It is located on Emmastraat 9 Street and their cuisine is Chinese and Asians. It is wheelchair accessible and you can make reservations. It is perfect for a romantic, private dining with your lover, but also for large groups, business meetings and special occasions. They are open every day from 1:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Their food is incredibly good, the atmosphere there is nice and comfy and the service time is fast. The restaurant is in a small building, near a lovely church. Being in a small location doesn't mean that the quality there is doubtful. They will offer high-quality services in an exclusive environment.

2. India Poort is located on Gasthuisstraat 1 and their cuisine is Indian, Halal, Asian and Vegetarian Friendly. It is great for couples, friends and families and perfect for a night out. They have special open hours, they open daily from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm so if you want to taste the most wonderful Indian food from Hilversum, you only have 5 hours to do that. The restaurant offers outdoor seating, street parking, free WiFi, highchairs and delivery. You can make reservations so you can be sure that you will have a place there. Its average prices are between $4.00 - $22.00.

3. De Houtoven is located on Emmastraat 22 Street and its cuisine is Italian and European. This is the best pizza restaurant in Hilversum. You can eat good food with little money. The average prices here are between $4.00 - $20.00. This place is suitable for families with children or for large groups of people. The food is delicious and the wonderfully cooked pizza will make you love the chef. The service time is pretty fast and the atmosphere is exquisite. You can spend a nice evening in a cozy environment.

4. Your Coffee is a restaurant specialized in coffee making, located on Kerkstraat 38a Street. They will offer you International food and I must say their food is pretty amazing for a coffee shop. Actually, this place is more like a sweetshop combined with a coffee shop. It is suitable for families with children and it is wheelchair accessible. It has a modern indoor design, a quiet place upstairs, perfect for people who love to read and drink a great coffee, and a peaceful outdoor terrace.

5. Lust is a top restaurant located on Langestraat 94 Street. Its cuisine consists of French, Dutch, Seafood, International food and Fusion. It is a romantic place, perfect for dinner. Their open hours are between 5:00 pm - 1:00 am.