Erotic Massage


We all want to feel relaxed and stress free, but how many of us are willing to offer good money for a professional massage? What if I tell you that there are some particular types of massage that combine the traditional use of massage with erotic pleasures? This is the best way to feel relaxed, but also have a special experience that leads to sexual pleasure.

Our agency offers top shelf erotic massage services in Hilversum. The following lines will explain what are these types of massage and how are they done.


has its origins in Thailand, the country of masseuses and erotic massages. The very common Thai massage includes 5 different types:

a. Traditional Thai massage

b. Thai oil massage

c. Thai foot massage

d. Thai head and neck massage

e. Thai body scrub

If you want to have a happy ending massage, these are the four ones you will enjoy:

a. Thai Erotic Massage

b. The Thai Soapy Massage

c. The Sexy Thai Massage Happy Ending

d. Thai Genital Massage

Hilversum Escorts trained to offer you all of them are waiting . You will be amazed by how a non-Thailand girl can do a wonderful Thai erotic massage. It is one of the most intense and powerful massage you will ever receive. The thing with Thai erotic massage is that you never know when it will turn out into a happy ending massage. This type of massage focuses on relaxing the whole body. When giving a Thai Massage, either Traditional or erotic, the masseuse doesn't use any oil.


is an art that needs practice and a lot of study. It has its origins in Western World and it combines a lot of elements such as Yoga, bioenergetics, and sexual therapy. Tantra Massage is the best choice when you want to feel relaxed. Not only is relaxing the whole body, but your spirit and mind will follow. The best place to have a Tantric Massage is in a very quiet and peaceful place; that way you can bound your soul to your body and you can easily enjoy a wonderful session of erotic massage. This type of massage is special because it helps you get rid of your headaches and stress. After a session of Tantric Massage, you will feel calmer and your sexual drive and energy will be improved. Because of its intimate way of doing this type of massage, you will feel very comfortable with your escort.


is the type of massage that combines Tantric Massage techniques with Ayurvedic principles and yoga. It has its origins in the soap lands of Japan. Nuru Massage is a body to body type of massage. This way, you will feel a deeper connection with your escort and it will for sure help you relaxing your mind and spirit. This erotic massage doesn't need to involve sexual intercourse. Usually, people think that this is the main purpose of the erotic massage. This is really one of the common misconceptions ever. Nuru Massage involves a special gel which needs to be combined with warm water before pouring on your recipient. The client lays face down; near the massage table is a big bowl of warm water; the masseuse pours the gel into the warm water, then on the client's back. She will then start moving and rubbing his body. You will feel nothing but pleasure, even if it doesn't involve sexual intercourse. This kind of experience is more intense, more passionate, and more intimate, thanks to our refined escort agency.


is that kind of massage that involves two girls using Tantric or Nuru massage to make you feel relaxed and joyful. This type of massage has also a more erotic technique. The two girls offering you a session of traditional massage can make it even more special. You may ask yourself how it is possible. Imagine them naked, full of oil massage and ready to give you one of the most erotic massages you have ever received. They can combine Nuru with Tantric massage for the most intense experience you have ever lived. You will love how our escort girls, specialized in erotic massage, will make your whole world go crazy.

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